How to play our drinking game app

Step 1

Choose one or multiple categories then select start game.

Step 2

Read out the question & multiple choice answers before tapping your answer.

Step 3

Each player says out loud,
which answer they think
you'd pick.



we speak your language

After high demand, we've translated Drink and Tell into German, French and Portuguese, so players all around the world can enjoy our fun drinking game app.

generating questions since 2015

Our team of writers have put on their drinking caps and are constantly generating new questions for you to play. Warning: Not for the faint hearted!

Play with 1 friend or 100 at the same time

Regardless of whether you're drinking wine at dinner with your best mate or at a house party with 30 strangers, Drink and Tell is the ultimate house party game.

unlimited number of categories (almost)

We're always adding new categories into our drinking game appincluding: love, sex, ethics, personality, life & death, adults only, relationships, outrageous, pop culture, embarrassing, politics and would you rather questions.

say goodbye to annoying ads

Get rid of those annoying ads by upgrading to the premium version of our house party game. You'll also receive unlimited access to all our current and future card decks.

Available on all your favourite devices: iPhone, iPad & Android

Whether you're an Apple or Android user, we don't discriminate. Drink and Tell is available for your iPhone, iPad and Android.


And get our Print and Play PDF for absolutely free.

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